Monday, March 7, 2011

Donovan's Circle of Fifths Gaslamp

So last night, we went to Donovan's Circle of Fifths in the Gaslamp, for a late dinner.  The setting certainly is beautiful.  High ceilings, soft music, and two kinds of bar tables.  The traditional bar table, and the counter height table, which is much more comfortable.  so we sat at the counter height table, which was nice.  The waitress showed up, and started hustling us.  Unfortunately, all the big-time steak houses downtown hustle their customers.  We ordered the classic burger.  It took a long time to get to us, and when we got it, everything was at room temperature.  The quality was very good, and the meat was excellent.  Since we split the burger, the portions are huge, we ordered dessert.  Even though the dessert menu is dull and uninspiring, the bananas foster crepe looked good, so we ordered it.  Well,  it took forty minutes for the crepe to arrive.  When it arrived, it was burnt.  When I told the waitress, she offered to replace it, but the kitchen was closed.  She didn't take the dessert off the bill, and we were treated with total contempt.  Donovan's is an official San Diego Tourist trap.

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